An elderly woman who got lost on her motorized scooter made it home safely, thanks to a state trooper's unusual escort. 

Washington State Patrol Trooper Mark Francis said the woman, in her 80s, went out for coffee Tuesday afternoon, but quickly got lost on her way home and ended up traveling down busy State Route 546. 

The woman had already traveled four miles down the road before Trooper Dave Hintz caught up to her.

"I wasn't trying to stop her. I wasn't trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home," Hintz told KOMO. "I just treated her the way I would've wanted somebody to treat my mom."

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"(The) trooper had to point out on a map where they were and she realized it, then they had to figure out how to get her home," Francis said.

Since the woman was unable to walk, their only option was to call for an ambulance and they'd have to strap her to a backboard to get her home, then figure out a way to get her scooter to her, Francis said. So instead, the trooper mapped out the route to her home decided to give her a police escort, riding behind her at a very slow speed with his lights on to make sure no one would hit her.

"(The trooper) said he drove her 3 1/2 miles at 6 mph to finally get her home," Francis said.

Francis said the trooper was eager to get the story out as many people who passed them during the escort thought he was trying to pull her over, and photos and videos of the incident were starting to make their way in the social media rounds.

Watch the video below.