It's widely known that Gretchen Carlson is the 1989 Miss America winner and that she's a longtime Fox News anchor, who currently hosts "The Real Story."

But we learned a few pretty surprising things about Gretchen when we caught up with her ahead of the release of her new book.

Read on to learn 10 things you may not have known about Gretchen, and don't forget to pick up a copy of "Getting Real," in stores Tuesday.

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1. I Was the First Cable News Host to Go on Air Without Makeup

I decided to do a portion of "The Real Story" makeup-free to keep it real and to celebrate The International Day of the Girl. I believe it's so important to build self-esteem from the inside out, and I talk a lot about that in my new book, "Getting Real.”

2. I Was High School Valedictorian & Graduated From Stanford University With Honors

One of my proudest moments in life was earning the valedictorian medal in high school. I worked so hard for it! I was also proud to get into Stanford, where I graduated with honors, and to study at Oxford.

3. I'm Married to Derek Jeter's Agent

And yes, I love sports! My favorite Sunday activity is watching a tennis tournament, a golf match or a football game. I broke my left pinkie playing football in sixth grade, and that was it for my football days, since I needed that hand to play the violin.

4. I Grew Up a Fat Kid

What can I say? I loved and still love to eat! I lost 30-35 pounds finally in 10th grade when I overheard a boy say I was a nice girl, but too fat to date. I still struggle with my weight every day. Great Swedish stock! But If I can become Miss America, you can achieve your dreams, too.

5. I Used to Be Able to Stick My Finger Between My 2 Front Teeth

I got teased as "Gretchen Goalposts." Good thing I loved football and brushed it off until I got braces to fix my teeth – twice!

6. I Got Into TV Through ‘Bloopers & Practical Jokes’

Who would have ever thought I'd get into the TV business from being on "Bloopers and Practical Jokes?” I was set up for a prank and thought I was going to get fired as Miss America because I had no idea what I was talking about, but after the show aired, I got calls from TV agents saying, "If you can do that, you can do TV." So I decided to give it a shot.

7. I’m Not Wearing My Own Clothes in My Book Cover Photo

I arrived for the photo shoot with pastel sweaters – which the publisher requested – but the photographer wanted me in black, and asked me to put on Gwen Marder's clothes (she's my fashion person at Fox). So the clothes on the cover of my first book aren't even my own! Another secret: The cover shot is the very first photo that the photographer took. He took it and said he was done.

8. I Trained Myself to Jump Rope 30 Minutes Straight

I never knew how to jump rope, but became determined to do it for exercise and trained myself to learn how to jump fast like a boxer for up to 30 minutes a day. It’s an amazing workout!

9. I Fit Into My Miss America Gown 25 Years Later

For my 25th anniversary as Miss America, I decided to try and get into the original Miss America gown that I wore when I won. Fat chance, right? 1989 was before Spanx! I met with the designer – he and I are still friends – and thanks to Spanx, I got it zipped, surprising everyone and wearing it to give a speech at Miss America in Atlantic City. Here I am with former Miss America Lee Meriwether.

10. So, What's Really in Gretchen's Closet?

Check out my video of surprises.

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