Donald Trump said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that "the last thing this country needs is another Bush" in the White House. 

Trump's criticism comes on the day that Jeb Bush will announce his 2016 presidential campaign with a speech in Miami. 

He faulted the former Florida governor for supporting Common Core and being "very weak" on the issue of immigration. 

"I watch him. He looks like a person that doesn't have lots of enthusiasm. This country needs a cheerleader. We need a person with great enthusiasm," said Trump, describing Bush as yet another "weak, ineffective" politician.

Trump, who has planned a "big" Tuesday morning announcement, said he's "not afraid of anybody in this race."

He said he believes American voters are tired of hearing political speeches and ultimately "want jobs."

"We need competent people. I actually think this is going to be an election that is going to be based not on personality, but on competence. People are tired of these guys. I watch them make the speeches. 'The sun will rise tomorrow, the moon will set.' Nobody cares, they want jobs. Nobody is going to provide jobs like me," said Trump, pointing out that he has done well in polls so far even though "no one thinks I'm running."

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