Clate Schmidt is a college student and star athlete with his whole life in front of him. But just a couple weeks ago, he got a phone call from his doctor. He was told he had nodular sclerosing lymphoma, a form of cancer.

Schmidt took to Twitter to open up about his private health battle.

Clate's story took another dramatic turn when just hours after beginning his first chemotherapy treatment, he was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the 2015 Major League Baseball draft.

Were you worried about being able to continue your baseball career? Ainsley Earhardt asked Clate on "Fox and Friends Weekend."

"I knew that that sport is something that’s been able to keep me together as a person, not only as a good human being, but as a person that’s trying to be something in society today," Clate said. "It’s just something that I knew I could battle through it."

Clate revealed that when he was diagnosed with cancer, his pastor told him that this is a story that's not being written for him, but for the people who will come after him.

"That's what I've really taken to heart throughout this whole process," Clate explained.

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