They bravely fought for and served our country, but an estimated 58,000 veterans have no place to call home.

One group, however, is working hard to change that.

Deborah Snyder, founder of Operation Renewed Hope Foundation, and actor Patrick Warburton appeared on "America's News Headquarters" to explain how they're providing housing, transportation and support services for homeless veterans.

"There's a lot of homeless people in this country. Nobody wants anybody to be homeless, but there's something intrinsically tragic about those who have served this country and war vets being homeless and being in situations like this," Warburton said.

Snyder explained that they've begun utilizing a "housing first method" where they prioritize getting a roof over a veteran's head. She revealed that the success rate has been higher than 90 percent with that method.

"Many other nonprofits like us across the nation are doing the same thing, getting these veterans and their families into housing as quick as possible and then getting the services wrapped around them," Snyder said.

Watch the "America's News Headquarters" clip above and learn more about Operation Renewed Hope Foundation.

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