Karen Finney, a senior official with Hillary Clinton's campaign, joined Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" today.

Wallace asked Finney why Clinton has refused to say if she supports Congress giving President Obama fast-track authority to negotiate a major international trade proposal.

"I haven’t spoken to her about the deal obviously since what’s happened Friday and what’s going to happen next week. But again, this is someone who has voted for trade agreements when she thought they were good for the country and against trade agreements when she thought they were bad for the country," Finney said.

Why can't she say if she's for or against giving Obama that power? Wallace pressed.

"I'm going to let my candidate speak to that," Finney answered.

Wallace noted that Clinton hasn't given an interview or spoken at a press conference for weeks. He asked if she plans to do either soon.

"Why don’t I tell you this, Chris. I think you’re going to see her do that later today, and you'll see that during this tour of the early states that she's going to be doing," Finney answered.

Watch the full "Fox News Sunday" interview above.

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