An online auction is currently underway for a 9/11 monument, and many people are outraged, calling it a shameless cash grab.

The 40-foot high, 20-ton memorial is made from two steel beams from the World Trade Center's North Tower. Adorned with the American flag, it has stood in Salem, Virginia, for the past ten years to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack.

Now, the company that owns the memorial is looking to liquidate its assets and is putting it up for auction.

Richmond-based Motleys Asset Disposition Group is coordinating the auction.

Ainsley Earhardt reported on the story this morning on "Fox and Friends Weekend," noting that a retired fire chief whose son died on 9/11 called the auction "sickening and disgraceful."

It appears that many agree, as the bidding hasn't exactly taken off, currently standing at just over $1,000.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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