Passengers on a plane that had just arrived in Boise, Idaho, Friday night evacuated onto the wing of the aircraft when they smelled fuel and saw what looked like smoke.

Airport spokesman Sean Briggs said that Allegiant Air flight 330 had just reached the gate area after the flight from Los Angeles when fuel leaked from an auxiliary motor used for taxiing.

Briggs said that panicked passengers popped the emergency doors on both sides of the plane and some climbed out onto at least one wing. He said that at least a few passengers even jumped from the wing to the tarmac. A luggage loader was brought out to retrieve other passengers.

They apparently acted on their own, without being instructed by the flight crew. Luckily, no one was injured.

“They did not make any announcements to the rest of the plane until they noticed that someone had opened the emergency exit,” passenger Niki Hughes told ABC News. "The flight attendant made it clear that she was frustrated at the fact that someone opened the door because they would not be able to leave on time now for their next flight. People were visibly scared and confused and the staff on the plane just seemed annoyed.”

Briggs said the small leak was quickly cleaned up and the plane is grounded while officials investigate.

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