A hidden camera appeared to catch police officers eating marijuana-laced edibles, playing darts and disabling surveillance cameras during a raid at a California pot shop.

Authorities raided Sky High Holistic, an unpermitted pot shop in Santa Ana, Calif.

Attorney Matthew Pappas, who released the video, says he’s planning to sue the city over the raid.

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KTLA reported:

The footage shows at least eight officers busting into the dispensary, guns drawn, shouting “everybody on the ground” to customers and workers.


The officers proceed to remove surveillance cameras mounted on the ceiling, the video shows.

Then, they appear to be smelling the merchandise and discussing the flavor of the edibles, to laughter. Multiple officers appear to break off pieces of the food and consume them. Several other officers play darts.

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The Santa Ana Police Department is conducting an internal investigation.

Watch a report from KTLA below.