An Iraq War veteran is refusing to take down his American flag, despite demands from a homeowners association.

Daniel Toner said that the property manager of his Suffolk, Va. home first said in an email that he could fly a flag off of his porch. Then, he said he got a letter that said he had to take Old Glory down until the homeowners association passed a resolution to allow flag holders on homes. reported:

Chesapeake Bay Management President Dana Shotts-Neff talked to over the phone on Tuesday. She said the Belmont Park Owner’s Association has, “no intention of denying anyone the right to fly the American flag.”

Shotts-Neff said a flag holder is considered an alteration to a home, and residents need to apply for alterations.

Toner said, in all his communication with the management company, he has never been told he needed to apply to install a flag holder. He added, he doesn’t believe it’s something anyone should have to apply for.

“You shouldn’t even have to ask permission to have a flag on your property, that’s a right according to Congress,” he said. “That flag’s staying right where it is – I don’t retreat.”

A resolution to allow flag holders on the community’s homes is expected in July.

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