On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to hackers stealing millions of Americans' information from the Office of Personnel Management. 

Hackers based in China are believed to be behind the massive data breach that could have compromised at least 14 million current and former federal employees' personal data. The agency conducts more than 90 percent of federal background checks for the federal government and dispenses security clearances.

"These hackers just won the spy lotto, making Snowden look like Snow White," Gutfeld said. "If you're an employee with a past, you're now at their mercy. If a spy wants you to steal files from work, all he has to do is dangle that brief affair you had with a llama back in '87."

He stated that everyone has skeletons in the closet and at some point "stigma amnesty" should be declared.

Gutfeld said that if something bad is leaked about a person, people should ignore it. 

He asserted that Americans don't follow spying stories, because people are too busy attacking each other. 

"Christian bakers, Washington Redskins, Hobby Lobby - these are the identity spats that China thanks us for," Gutfeld quipped. "While petty divisiveness distracts us, we lose track of yet another real adversary. Race, gender, class - as we quarrel over identity, someone just stole all of ours." 

Watch the video above. 

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