A stunt in the Arizona mountains took a terrifying turn when two BASE jumpers’ parachutes got tangled.

Scott Frankson and his friend spiraled out of control during the jump, but amazingly, the parachutes unwrapped in mid-air.

Frankson spiraled down with half a parachute, which caught on a boulder and saved him from serious injury. His friend’s parachute remained fully inflated, and he was able to land.

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Frankson said that he has had a few close calls while BASE jumping, but said that this one was by far the worst.

“Me being a Bible-believing Christian, I did say a quick prayer there and asked the Lord to keep my friend’s parachute inflated,” he said, explaining that he thought he and his friend would both stay tangled together under one parachute.

Frankson expressed his surprise that they both survived the scary ordeal without being seriously hurt.

“I believe it was a miracle,” he said.

Watch Frankson’s interview above, and see video from the jump below.

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