A Vietnam War veteran was charged with disorderly conduct after he threw coffee at a member of the Westboro Baptist Church who was protesting at Beau Biden’s funeral.

Richard Pierce was counter-protesting the church’s demonstration outside of Biden’s funeral when he spotted a protester from Westboro Baptist Church dragging the American flag. Pierce said this prompted him to throw his coffee at the woman.

“I don’t care who you are, you’re not gonna disrespect the flag, and if I have to go to jail to defend our flag, I’m gonna do it,” he said.

He told The Daily News that he wouldn’t suggest anyone else act in the manner that he did. Still, he didn’t appear to regret his actions.

“I acted very childish and foolish and if I had to do it over again I would do it again in a minute," he said.

The Daily News reported:

Pierce said he spent about six hours in jail before going in front of a judge who released him pending a July 20 court date in New Castle County Court.

The worst part was when Pierce got home and decided not to tell his wife Helen what happened. But the jig was up when he saw his name appear in news reports.

"She said 'God d----- I knew that would happen. I am not surprised one bit,'" Pierce recalled.

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