A pregnant mom in California attempted to suck rattlesnake venom from her son's foot after he accidentally stepped on the snake during a hike.

Jacklyn Caramazza, who is nine months pregnant, was walking on a bike trail with her 4-year-old son Vinny in Folsom, which is outside of Sacramento. 

Caramazza told KTXL her son "accidentally stepped on something brown," which caused the rattlesnake to bite him.

The pregnant mother found two puncture wounds on her son's ankle.  Within minutes his ankle began to swell and turn purple.

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“Mama bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom because that’s what 'Bonanza' does,” Caramazza told KTXL.

Luckily, Caramazza and her unborn child were not affected by the possible venom exposure. Vinny is also expected to make a full recovery. 

Health officials warn against sucking venom out of bites and advise victims of snake bites to call 911 immediately. 

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