When the Sports Illustrated cover came out this week, many were quick to point out just how many people in the Belmont Stakes crowd were using their cell phones as American Pharoah crossed the wire. 

No horse had won the Triple Crown since 1978, so critics have lamented that some of those in attendance were distracted during the historic moment. 

So, is this a good or a bad example of Americans being constantly preoccupied with their cell phones?

The "Outnumbered" panel, with Jonah Goldberg, discussed that this afternoon.

Goldberg said he actually doesn't see this photo as an ideal example of cell phone obsession. 

"It's a wonderful moment where so many people have cameras they can use," he said. 

Sandra Smith said it's annoying at concerts to see so many people recording with a cell phone. 

"I think, are you actually going to go home and watch that!?" she said. 

Ainsley Earhardt said it comes down to the fact that the people who went to the race wanted to be able "to brag" that they saw it. 

Jedediah Bila argued that some people are ruining their love lives by being so into their phone. 

"Put the phone down. Live in the moment," she said. 

Watch the discussion above and let us know your thoughts on the cover shot. 

Would you have taken out your phone at that moment?