Mitt Romney spoke to Megyn Kelly in a wide-ranging "Kelly File" interview about hosting the E2 Summit, President Barack Obama's ISIS strategy and the 2016 presidential election.

The former GOP presidential candidate explained to Kelly that the E2 Summit, which started today in Deer Valley, Utah, is a gathering of White House hopefuls, political leaders, business executives and major campaign donors. 

"I want people who are in leadership positions ... to learn from one another about the qualities of leadership and to talk about the direction of the country," Romney stated.

Kelly asked Romney what he thinks about Obama's ISIS strategy. 

"It's very disappointing, actually disconcerting for the commander-in-chief to send off 450 men and women in harm's way and then tell them at the same time we don't have a strategy for you to be successful," Romney replied. 

He further stated "the president is going about this backwards." 

Kelly also asked Romney what he thinks about Jeb Bush's response to her Iraq War questions from a previous "Kelly File" interview. 

"I think he did misunderstand the question, but frankly, look I think Jeb Bush is in a very strong position," Romney replied. "He's a very capable person, he's been an excellent governor, he has assembled a top rate team and my guess is he's going to raise more money than perhaps all of the other contenders combined."

"A candidate makes mistakes, I'm proof of that. Those are not terminal in a setting like this, particularly so early," Romney added.

Watch more from the must-see "Kelly File" interview above. 

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