On "The Kelly File" tonight, Megyn Kelly reported that President Barack Obama is pushing to diversify wealthy neighborhoods

She stated that the Obama administration has developed a plan to "promote fair housing choices." 

Kelly said "critics say this is the most radical, politically explosive change President Obama has attempted in his six plus years in office, calling it social engineering of the worst kind."  

She explained that the federal government wants to take billions of dollars in housing grant money to condition it on communities proving that they are "sufficiently inclusive and diverse."

"They want to look around the area you live and decide if your town is diverse enough," Kelly asserted. "If not, the feds will order low-income housing or else, much of your federal funding for your town will dry up."

She noted that experts say 'this is more than an attempt to change the way America's neighborhoods look," it's also an attempt to "change the way they vote." 

Megyn then heard some reaction to the plan from both sides, talking to Marc Thiessen and Richard Fowler.

Watch the full segment above.

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