Sean Hannity challenged a teenager who was arrested for interfering with police during the McKinney, Texas pool party incident. 

In the video that went viral last weekend, 18-year-old Adrian Martin appears to be trying to intervene as Cpl. Eric Casebolt slams 15-year-old Dajerria Becton to the ground.

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Martin, shown above in the dark blue t-shirt, was taken into custody after Casebolt drew his weapon as the two teens came toward him. 

The two males then ran away, but Casebolt faced a storm of criticism for drawing his weapon at that moment and for using excessive force against Becton.

Hannity challenged Martin on why he "kind of provoked" Casebolt, asking him why he ran at the officer. 

"You're doing a little dance, obviously trying to provoke and get in the middle of the officer doing his job. Why were you doing that?" Hannity asked. 

Martin said he was just trying to tell Becton that they were going to call her mother. Martin said that he was moving downhill and slipped forward toward the officer, then immediately backed up.

Hannity said in his view, it looked like Martin was doing a "provocative dance" and was right "in the officer's face."

Martin said he was not trying to provoke Casebolt and was not trying to "charge" at Casebolt.

Earlier on Wednesday, Casebolt's attorney announced that he had resigned from the department and was in hiding.

The McKinney police chief called said Casebolt was "out of control" during the confrontation and called his actions "indefensible."

Heath Harris, Martin's attorney, told Hannity that the resignation is not enough of a punishment and that Casebolt should be in jail for what he did. 

"You're dreaming," Hannity answered. 

Harris countered that he believes Casebolt is guilty of "official oppression," which is a law in Texas.

"Official oppression? Are you serious?" Hannity asked, concluding with some advice for Martin. 

"If you see an officer in the process of doing his job, you cannot come in behind him or at an angle that he can't see you. ... You've got to understand his mindset. He doesn't know if you have a gun, he doesn't know if you have a knife. You're right in his grill, you're within two feet of him. And that's a dangerous position to put yourself in," said Hannity.

Harris claimed that Martin never "intentionally approached the officer."

Watch the full exchange above.

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