On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld sounded off against the "hyper-scrutiny" that police officers nationwide are currently under.

Gutfeld asserted the crime wave sweeping a number of cities, including Baltimore, has to do with almost every disturbance being filmed. 

"The real cause is that police know that every disturbance now leads to a filmed conflict, complete with a live audience," Gutfeld explained. "So why show up for work if it's now open mic night, before a herd of hecklers?"

"From the pool party to protests to basic policing, hyper-scrutiny is the rule," he added.

Gutfeld noted that some critics on the left are comparing "police not policing, to troops deserting instead of fighting."

"So, it's a good time, for crime - police on the defensive, killers on the offensive," Gutfeld stated. 

Watch Gutfeld's monologue and "The Five" co-hosts' reactions in the clip above.

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