In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly said that young people in America have a "defiance toward authority."  

"The Factor" host asserted that America is in the "era of self-absorption," where many Americans "don't care about society in general." He added that most people are "locked into their own worlds encouraged by high technology."

O'Reilly explained that as a result of the "era of self-absorption," if an American child does not have "guidance and supervision" in the home, there is a good chance the child will quickly get involved with anti-social behavior.

"So for police ... things are not good out on the street," he stated. "And when you add in liberal mayors and prosecutors who handcuff the cops, pardon the pun, things get even worse."

"The collapse of authority in America will lead to very bad consequences," O'Reilly stated. "We are just seeing the beginning of this situation."

Watch the full Memo in the video above.

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