2016 Republican presidential candidate and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said on "Mornings With Maria" today that America's best days are ahead and are just a few good policy decisions away.

In particular, he called for expanding North American energy resources and instituting tax reform.

"We can do this. America is an extraordinary and resilient country. And Americans need to hear and know that our best days are in front of us," Perry said.

"I'm very confident that with the right leadership is Washington, D.C. that we can shift the focus back to the states and let these states really be competitors against each other and Washington getting back to the things it's supposed to do constitutionally," Perry said.

Maria Bartiromo asked Perry about federal regulation of the U.S. economy and if the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act could actually lead to another financial crisis.

Perry called for a substantial reduction in Dodd-Frank to allow financial reforms to work.

"I believe in regulations, but I believe in smart regulations," Perry stated. "If you make bad decisions on Wall Street, then you need to go bankrupt just like everyone else."

He said that the bulk of Dodd-Frank is "nothing more than a burden," and as president, he would consider repealing the whole law.

Watch Maria's full interview with Perry above.

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