Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee appeared on "Mornings With Maria" today to weigh in on a variety of topics, including President Obama's proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership with Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico and several other countries.

The 2016 Republican presidential hopeful said he opposes Obama's trade legislation because the last time they trusted the president on a secret deal, it was called ObamaCare.

"I don't know why we would trust President Obama to sell us a second-hand Subaru, much less put the details of a secret trade agreement in such a way that Americans are just supposed to trust him, give him authority," Huckabee said.

"If we don't get transparency, we ought to say no. America is not North Korea. We don't do things in the dark."

He said that trade is a good thing, but we need to actually enforce trade deals and put American jobs and workers first.

Watch Maria's full interview above to see Huckabee weigh in on Social Security, the 2016 election, China and more.

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