Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee was on "Fox and Friends" this morning, where he defended his suggestion that the U.S. “go metric" and likened Hillary Clinton's world approach to that of the Republican Party.

Chafee noted that the U.S. is one of three countries that doesn’t use the metric system, explaining that a conversion would be good symbolically and for the economy.

The Democratic candidate said that switching to the metric system would be part of a “many faceted approach to how we’re going to change […] our unilateralist, muscular approach to the world.”

Krauthammer Mocks Lincoln Chafee's Plan for U.S. to Adopt Metric System

Doocy noted that there’s one thing standing between Chafee and the Democratic nomination: Hillary Clinton. He asked Chafee whether he would take Clinton on about her email server and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.

“Of course, and I already have, but really the main difference is our approach to the world,” Chafee said, telling Doocy that Clinton has “a similar approach as the Republicans.”

“Elections should be about choices, and my argument is you won’t have a choice if Secretary Clinton is the Democratic nominee because she’s so similar to the Republicans,” Chafee said.