In this week’s “Presidential Contenders: 2016” segment, Bret Baier profiled Dr. Ben Carson, who announced last month that he is running for president. 

Carson, who is the first black candidate of either party to enter the campaign, told Baier that he has an alternative for ObamaCare. 

"The principal of course is to put the care back in the hands of patients and health care providers. And that's why I propose utilizing health savings accounts," the 63-year-old Carson stated. "You make it available to people at birth, right through life. And you can fund it with the very same dollars that we fund traditional insurance with."

He added that he would allow people "to shift money within their health savings account within their family."

Baier also asked the presidential hopeful what the number one issue facing the country is. 

"There are three things that threaten to destroy us," Carson replied. "That's our divisiveness - a house divided against itself cannot stand, it is our fiscal responsibility that threatens to destroy the future quickly and it is our failure to take a leadership role on the world stage."

Watch the video above. 

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