Charles Krauthammer reacted on "The Kelly File" tonight to the White House saying President Barack Obama will now make "policing" a priority for his final months in office.

Megyn Kelly explained that over the last 10 months, "a handful of controversial and contested cases" have fueled an argument that there is "no justice in many of America's minority communities."

Krauthammer asserted that Obama is now out to further his legacy by attempting to crackdown on what the president may view as police officers who are out of control.

"If he wants to work on his legacy, I think he should work on the presidential library rather than stepping into areas which are not his problems," he stated. "He must know that policing is a local and a state issue..."

"For the federal government to step in, because the president wants a legacy, I think is beyond shortsighted," Krauthammer added. "I think it's rather self-centered."

Krauthammer said there are always going to be some "bad police," but that "overwhelmingly they're honorable and courageous."

Watch the video above.

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