An Ohio mother is calling out Target for categorizing its toys by gender.

Abi Bechtel snapped a photo at a store in Akron that shows an aisle labeled as "Building Sets" and "Girls' Building Sets." She posted it on Twitter and it has since gotten thousands of retweets and comments.

Target defended the sign, saying, "Recently we conducted a test where we removed any reference to gender in the toy aisles in a number our stores. In those stores, our guest research showed us that guests preferred having a variety of indicators that can help inform and guide their shopping trip."

Sandra Smith said on "Outnumbered" today that she is not offended by the sign at all.

"What's next?" she asked. "They're going to criticize the aisle that's named for girls that has dresses in it?"

Pete Hegseth said he's glad to see that Target defended itself and didn't cave in to complaints and beg for forgiveness.

"They've done market research. Turns out girls want to go to the girl aisle and guys want to go to the guy aisle," he said. "What's the problem? If you don't want to shop there, if you take issue with that store manager, don't go there. We live in a free market."

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