On "Hannity" tonight, a black Texas minister clashed with talk radio host David Webb over whether or not race factored into the tense confrontation between a Texas police officer and a group of teens at a pool party.

Rev. Ronald Wright, executive director of Justice Seekers Texas, said that the incident could have been handled better.

David Webb countered that he's "sick of the instant race narrative the minute black kids are involved."

Webb also called out Wright over the comments he made Monday on MSNBC, in which he threatened ISIS-like terror attacks in America over police brutality.

"I'm asking you, what kind of ISIS-like attacks do you want to see on cops? Would you like to see car bombings? Would you like to see shootings in malls?" Webb asked.

Sean Hannity also questioned Wright's comments, asking him to explain further.

Wright backed away from his original comments asserting he supports the police department and stated that "black people are tired of being abused by police officers and people doing discriminatory things."

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