Greg Gutfeld called out The New York Times on "The Five" today for defending New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in the face of rising numbers of reported sex crimes in the city.

Times columnist Ginia Bellafante wrote, "Mr. de Blasio has been prey to a tabloid narrative that has insisted that the city was returning to the days of 'Taxi Driver.'"

"Only in a Times article on rape is the mayor the victim," Gutfeld remarked. "How does that happen?"

Gutfeld said this shows the media’s chosen bias regarding sex crimes.

"When discussing campus assaults, it's always an epidemic, even if the numbers are exaggerated. But if they're in New York - under a progressive mayor - you explain a rise in these attacks as a 'sign of progress,'" Gutfeld said.

He noted that Bellafante suggests in the article that the crime wave is due to increased reporting of rape, which he said is possible, but unprovable.

"This is just a theory meant to explain away a stain on de Blasio's reign. And it's an excuse only afforded incompetent progressives," Gutfeld said. "When rape rises, one would normally rage. But under a leftist, it's seen as progress."

"Well done, grey lady, betraying women in the service of ideology. When the numbers go higher, how will you hail that then?"

Watch the co-hosts of "The Five" react in the clip above.

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