Former Boston Police Chief Daniel Linskey today said that it appears a Texas police officer lost control of his emotions in a tense confrontation with a group of teens.

Video shows Cpl. Eric Casebolt pinning a teen girl to the ground, then drawing his gun on a group of teens at a pool party. Casebolt has since been placed on administrative leave.

“People now feel it’s their need to goad law enforcement, to try and get them to take bait, to act unprofessional, and that’s unfortunate,” Linskey said. “It’s even worse when officers take the bait and do act unprofessional and lose their training and lose their focus.”

Linskey said that it looks like Casebolt lost control of his emotions in a hostile situation.

“We don’t want to judge this officer by two minutes of his life,” Linskey cautioned.

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