Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly went back and forth Monday on the question of whether Republicans must do more to appeal to Hispanic voters.

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O'Reilly argued that George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, in part, due to support from the Latino community, while Mitt Romney "got his butt kicked" among Hispanics in 2012. 

Coulter, whose new book on immigration was just released, argued that it's a "cliche" to claim that Hispanic voters are an essential part of the Republican nominee's chances in 2016. 

Instead of shifting their efforts to win more votes among women and minority voters, Coulter suggested that the GOP focus on appealing to its base. 

"How about for once appealing to your base? The Democrats don't obsess on, 'how do we get gun rights voters to support us a tiny bit more? How do we get pro-lifers to support us? Let's get a slice of the evangelicals.' The Republicans have been tricked into a suicidal electoral strategy," said Coulter, adding that the strategy she favors led to a landslide victory for Ronald Reagan.

O'Reilly brought up that a recent Pew poll, and other surveys, seem to indicate that Republicans are out of step with Americans' views on immigration reform.

Coulter said public opinion polls on the issue are "deceptive" and usually ask unrealistic questions. She said the polls are part of the effort by the left to sway public opinion on immigration.

Watch the discussion above.

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