A woman in a wheelchair is suing American Airlines after she says a gate agent forced her to crawl to her seat.

Theresa Purcell said that the gate agent made her crawl to her seat on the flight because it was too late to set up a ramp for her to board.

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“You wouldn’t want to watch your family member crawl onto a plane, I mean come on, this is America,” Purcell said.

KHON2 reported:

Purcell, a Farrington High school graduate, has a bone disease that keeps her in a wheelchair. She’s a hip-hop artist who flies all the time and makes requests regularly to have a ramp or a wheelchair lift to help her board the plane.

This was the first time she had flown American Airlines. She says she let them know ahead of time that she would need a ramp and was shocked when they told her it was too late to do it.

The airline has since apologized, but told Purcell's attorney that it would not issue compensation for the ordeal.

Purcell is seeking $75,000 in damages.

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