As drought conditions continue to worsen in California, state authorities now have to deal with another growing threat: water theft.

The ongoing drought is creating a black market for stolen H20. In one case, a 500-gallon water tanker went missing from a highway off-ramp in Oakland.

KABC radio host John Phillips reported on "Varney & Co." today that the thing people are most concerned about is if farmers start to steal water.

He explained that is a major issue because there is already a pre-existing infrastructure for farmers to steal large amounts water.

Almond and marijuana farmers, in particular, require massive amounts of water. A single marijuana plant takes six gallons a day to grow.

How are people reacting to the drastic rationing measures that Gov. Jerry Brown has put into place? Stuart Varney asked.

"It's horrible," Phillips said. "In my neighborhood, one of my neighbors just told me over the weekend that somebody ratted her out because she was watering her lawn after 7 a.m."

Phillips noted that he's been required to drop his water usage by 25 percent, and that number is even higher in other parts of the state.

"There's a golf course across the street from where I live, Stuart, that is dead," Phillips said. "The lawn is dead. The whole thing looks like a sand trap."

Watch the "Varney & Co." clip above.

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