President Barack Obama said Monday at the G7 economic summit that his administration is still working on a "complete strategy" to combat ISIS in Iraq. 

"We don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the Iraqis, as well about how that recruitment takes place, how that training takes place," said Obama in Germany.

When the plan is finalized, the president promised he would share it with the American people. 

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that a U.S. official has since clarified the remark, saying Obama was only talking about a strategy for training Iraqi forces, not the overall strategy against ISIS.

It was nearly a year ago that Obama acknowledged in a briefing at the White House that the administration had no strategy at that point.

In Fox News polls over the past year, respondents have overwhelmingly expressed doubts about whether there is a strategy to defeat ISIS. 

The "Outnumbered" hosts, joined by Andy Levy, reacted this afternoon to the president's latest remarks on what to do about the brutal terror army.

Andrea Tantaros called on the president to make it clear to ISIS that if an attack occurs in the United States, there will be harsh consequences. 

She said she would have respected the president much more if he had said the following...

"Message to the radical Islamists: If you attack us in the United States of America or if you formulate a base over there where you can strike us here, we will come over and wipe you [out] and turn you into a parking lot. We will leave no stone un-scorched and then we will leave. That's it. No hearts and minds, no nation building. We'll be out of there."

Jedediah Bila wondered how long the United States can wait for the Iraqis to do something about ISIS, since it's now been a whole year and ISIS continues to advance. 

"Wasn't this president supposed to be a great negotiator? Wasn't he supposed to be someone that could sit down with world leaders and make something happen?" she said, emphasizing that there seems to be no timeline for action.

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