A federal judge has ruled that an exam for New York State teaching candidates was racially discriminatory because it did not measure skills necessary to do the job.

Judge Kimba Wood said that the pass rate for African-American and Latino candidates was between 54 percent and 75 percent of the pass rate for white candidates.

She concluded that the test, which was administered from 2004 through 2012 and was designed to test an applicant’s knowledge of liberal arts and science, was not related to the actual tasks teachers carry out.

"If the teachers can't learn themselves, then we just change the rules and we cry racism," Kevin Jackson said on "Fox and Friends" today. "If they can't teach the students, then they'll change the grades. And if they do that and somebody cries foul, then they'll cry racism."

He said that in too many U.S. schools, the teachers aren't teaching and the students aren't learning.

"They're just doing what they need to do to pass them through, and America is getting what it deserves, quite frankly," Jackson said.

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