Rev. Al Sharpton was challenged by a black pastor on Saturday after asking people at a rally to donate $100 to his civil rights organization, National Action Network (NAN). 

The purpose of the rally was to reportedly protest the five homicides of young people over the past two weeks in Hartford, Connecticut. 

About 150 people marched through the city from Mount Moriah Baptist Church to Shiloh Baptist Church, where Sharpton urged community members to build unity and stop the violence.  

But when Sharpton asked the crowd for money inside the church, Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis shouted at Sharpton, “How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money! You’re nothing but a pimp!”

On "On The Record" tonight, Jarvis explained to Greta Van Susteren why he called Sharpton a pimp. 

"I thought that that was hypocritical and contradictory to the cause," Jarvis said. "How are you going to ask a crime-riddled neighborhood that's impoverished for a $100 each donation?" 

Jarvis said that Sharpton didn't explain what the money would be used for. 

"And so I thought it was pimpism at its best," Jarvis added. 

Jarvis said that he hasn't heard anything from Sharpton. He stated that the most important issue is for pastors to come together to fix their own problems in the community. 

"We don't necessarily need outside intervention or marches that really are not going to produce any type of solid results as to fighting crime and creating employment and jobs in a neighborhood that's rife with poverty," Jarvis said. 

Watch the video above.

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