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Gutfeld: Hollywood 'Glorifies Those Who Wish to Destroy Us'

The program kicked off with a hilarious cold open, as Greg psyched himself up to have a great show after "screwing it up" last week.

Greg soon found himself getting some guidance - and a smack! - from Paul Sorvino.

Gutfeld: 'Hillary Clinton Is the Loch Ness Monster of Candidates'

'Do You Get Paid to Dance?': Watters Talks to the Unemployed

Greg was joined by Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson, co-authors of the new book "End of Discussion," to discuss Caitlyn Jenner and how she could have a promising future in politics as the first transgender Republican.

Benson said that Caitlyn could beat Hillary Clinton, and she's certainly more charming, even though that's "not a particularly high bar to clear."

"If the Democrats respond with an Asian, sequential hermaphrodite with three nipples, we're toast," Greg quipped.

Gutfeld Slams De Blasio: NYC Crime Spike Is 'Under This Left-Wing Lurch'

Watch 'Right-Wing Wino' Greg Gutfeld's 'Red Eye' Goodbye

Greg and "Red Eye" regular Joanne Nosuchinsky visited Donald Trump at his Manhattan office to talk ratings, superstitions, the 2016 presidential race and "Gutter Putters."

Trump revealed that if he does run for president, Greg might have a job waiting for him as press secretary.

See what else The Donald had to say...

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