"You said a cat?"

A Connecticut man called 911 early Wednesday morning during a four-hour stand-off with his eight-pound cat.

Mohammed Lokman told the operator that he and his wife were forced to sit outside in their car for hours because the angry cat was guarding the entrance of their Stamford home.

"The problem is my cat was getting too aggressive," Lokman said in the 911 call. "I was inside and she attacked me, and she scratched me in my leg and bite me. So me and my wife, we come outside and now we cannot go in the home like for three, four hours."

"We cannot move. We cannot do anything. It’s so aggressive and so mean."

They were advised to stay away from the cat for the rest of the night. The couple was eventually able to get back into their home.

The furious feline might have been hostile because it had a baby the night before, Lokman said.

No charges were filed against the couple or the cat, according to the police.

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