A bizarre situation unfolded in Lee County, Florida, when a man began dancing on the roof of a police vehicle. 

In the surveillance video, which has just been released, 44-year-old Christian Redecki pulled up to a driveway in April with his car's speakers blaring. 

He then climbed on to the sheriff's vehicle and began his strange dance, which went on for about five minutes. 

Then, he appeared to break a windshield wiper off the SUV before he wandered around the yard.

Officers arrived soon after and took him into custody. Redecki was booked on charges of criminal mischief and disturbing the peace. 

He was taken to a hospital for observation after claiming that he was trying to notify police about a human sacrifice involving vampires. 

Redecki reportedly insisted he was not on drugs or drunk at the time.

You can watch the footage below, plus read more on the story, here.

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