Tune in tonight at 9p ET for a Kelly File special as Megyn sits down for an emotional interview with Jessa and Jill Duggar. 

"The Kelly File" confirmed that an Arkansas judge has sided with the Duggars on the question of whether a juvenile police record should have been released.

The release by Springdale, Ark., police triggered the explosive report that detailed child molestation committed by Josh Duggar when he was a teen.

Megyn Kelly reported that juvenile court Judge Stacey Zimmerman has ruled that the records should not have been released under the Freedom of Information law. 

Zimmerman ordered police to destroy any remaining copies. 

On the other side, the Springdale city attorney, who authorized the release, told Kelly that the release was lawful. 

Ernest B. Cate said in a statement that Josh Duggar was a minor when he committed the acts, but he was 18 when the police department investigated it. 

Megyn Kelly took a look at the competing legal arguments with attorneys Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh. 

Eiglarsh argued that the issue is "black and white," and that the FOI law clearly does not allow for this type of juvenile record to be released. 

"There are a number exceptions and In Touch Weekly is not on the list," he said.

Eiglarsh said the police investigation started in 2003, when Josh Duggar was a juvenile and confessed.

Though names were redacted in the police report, it contained details the victims, which included Duggar's younger sisters

Aidala disputed that this is a clear-cut legal issue, pointing back to opinions by two state attorney generals. 

"It says when a juvenile is not arrested, is not detained, or is not charged, those records are not automatically sealed and those records are subject to a Freedom of Information act," said Aidala. 

Megyn Kelly countered that the law says "exactly the opposite."

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