A Chicago pastor is inviting all Republican presidential candidates to come speak near his church to offer their solutions to the city's problems.

Corey Brooks, who said he received threats last fall when he supported the Republican gubernatorial candidate, said that African-American voters are become frustrated with Democratic policies.

Despite continually supporting Democrats, America's inner cities are plagued by the same problems with crime and poor education, Brooks told Greta Van Susteren.

"Our communities are some of the worst in the country. We have failing schools, our infrastructure is bad, abandoned homes, it’s crime everywhere and most of the major cities and the inner cities across America, they are run by Democrats. And so I’m continuing to say we have been very loyal to the Democrats but in return they have not been loyal to us," said Brooks. 

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) already took Brooks up on the offer, traveling to the city a week ago. He said the crowd seemed to be inspired by Paul's remarks on tax breaks for businesses and school choice for parents.

Greta agreed that any candidate for president, Democrat or Republican, should go to the South Side and meet with Brooks. 

"It’s important if you are going to be the president of the United States that you speak on behalf of all the people, not just some of the people," he said

"So they need to come to the south side of Chicago and hear our views, hear our viewpoints and see what we are concerned about and address our issues."

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