“All My Children” star Jennifer Bassey went “On The Record” tonight, where she recounted being booted from a Delta flight this week.

Bassey, who played Marian Colby for more than 25 years, said she was on her way to Indianapolis to meet her boyfriend’s family when she got into a confrontation with a flight attendant over her decision not to wash her hands.

Bassey said that the flight attendant repeatedly asked her, ‘You are not washing your hands?” Bassey then explained that she had Purell in her bag and chose not to use the plane’s soap.

Shortly thereafter, Bassey said that her plane was in line waiting to take off when she took out her computer. She said that the flight attendant then told her to put the computer away, so she did.

The former soap opera star said she told the man seated next to her about the hand-washing confrontation, when the flight attendant asked, “What did you say?”

Bassey claimed that the flight attendant then bumped into her arm and accused Bassey of touching her. Shortly thereafter, two policemen removed Bassey from the flight.

The actress admitted that she mouthed a swear word at the flight attendant during their confrontation.

Bassey said that her lawyer is now in talks with the CEO of Delta in hopes of bringing this ordeal to a happy conclusion.

Watch the interview above.

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