How's this for a "dream home" turning into a nightmare? 

A Maryland couple is seeking $2 million in damages after they bought a house and later found that it was infested with snakes.

Jody and Jeffrey Brooks bought the Annapolis property earlier this year, and their first suspicion came when they found  a piece of snake skin.

Then, their four-year-old son spotted a snake emerging from the house, and after about four months, they realized the snakes were everywhere.

The Washington Post reported:

They called in a contractor and snake inspector, who gutted the basement and deemed the house snake-infested and unsuitable for children. They moved into Jody Brooks’s parents’ house — leaving their new home after four months.

Now the couple are suing the previous owner of the house and the real estate agent who sold it to them last year for $410,000, claiming they knew of the snake infestation and concealed it from them so they’d buy the house.

The snake infestation was so severe, the suit alleges, that an inspector observed “highways in the basement walls that the snakes use to traverse the home.”

Jon Scott discussed the case today with legal analysts Eric Guster and Diana Aizman.

The sellers had been renting the house, not living there, and claimed they had no knowledge of the snakes.

Aizman called the case "disturbing," saying there had been a past incident where a tenant had raised the issue of a snake. 

The sellers accused that person of falsifying the photo to get out of their lease. 

But Aizman said that incident could be evidence that the sellers at least should have known there might be a problem. 

"That shows that they knew or should have known. They are on the hook here," she said. 

Watch the segment above.

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