Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke explained to Greta Van Susteren tonight what's behind the massive crime spike in his city.

Compared to last year, the number of homicides have increased 140 percent in Milwaukee. 

Clarke said that he doesn't have enough manpower to deal with the crime problem. 

"Budgets have been cut, I'm about 150 deputies down," he said. "The Milwaukee Police Department is about 300 officers down." 

"Plus, they've furloughed every Milwaukee police officer for three days each, which accounts for fewer man-hours if you will on routine patrol in these high crime areas providing services for the people that need it the most," Clarke said.

He added that there has been a "social engineering experiment" with America's criminal justice system.

"It's been masqueraded as sentencing reform, prison reform, criminal justice reform," Clarke explained. "It has tried to eliminate the use of jail and prison as a crime control tool."

Clarke said that criminals go back into communities too quickly and that they commit more crimes because of the social engineering experiment.  

He shared that "it's a very difficult time for the American police officer."

Watch the video above. 

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