Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced this afternoon that he will run for president in 2016.

Perry spoke to Sean Hannity tonight in a wide-ranging interview about foreign policy, immigration reform and how he would defeat ISIS. 

Hannity recalled that he and Perry witnessed the problems at the border when they toured the area last July.

He asked Perry whether he supports a law allowing the children of illegal immigrants to have lower in-state tuition rates. 

"Every state has to deal with these issues that they face by virtue of what Washington has put in place," he said. "Whether it's healthcare, whether it's education reform, all of those have to be dealt with state-by-state. Texas looked at this issue and they made that decision, overwhelmingly made that decision."

Perry said that "all of these issues are secondary to securing the border."

He said that "if you don't have the will [to] secure the border," these issues will never be addressed or fixed.

Perry told Hannity that if he's elected president, "one of the first things" he will do is put a plan in place to secure the border. 

"Put the personnel on the border, the strategic fencing in place, the aviation assets— so that, that 1800 mile border, from Tijuana to El Paso, from El Paso to Brownsville, is secure and the American people will know that it is secure," Perry explained. "And at that particular point in time, then we can have a conversation about how immigration reform needs to be conducted and what have you."

"I just flat refuse to have a conversation about all the various issues that are out there until Americans are satisfied that there is a president that understands one thing - you cannot have national security until you have border security," Perry stated.

Watch the video below to hear Perry explain his foreign policy position and more.

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