In a "Kelly File" exclusive interview, Megyn Kelly asked Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar a number of questions surrounding the child molestation scandal involving their son, Josh Duggar. 

On "The Kelly File" tonight, Kelly released new video (watch above) from her interview where Jim Bob stated that his family is not "fake" as some critics have questioned. 

"No, what they were seeing is, they're seeing our family after we went through this," he said referencing their TV show. "Our family was broken, our family was humbled by all of this."

He shared that his family was drawn closer to God. He added that the girls have forgiven Josh for his actions. 

Michelle added that Josh was "so humbled" and that he asked for forgiveness over and over again.

She also said that their faith as a family has been strengthened from this situation. 

"We are just a family, honestly living life purposing by God to just do the next right thing," Michelle stated. "Back 12 years ago, we did the best that we knew how at that point and we've learned some things since. And I think by God's grace we are going to continue to learn and help our children and our grandchildren."

Watch the video below to hear the Jim Bob and Michelle provide more insight into their son's police investigation.

Watch the video below to hear Howard Kurtz weigh in on "The Kelly File" about the intense media response to the interview.  

Tune in to a special "Kelly File" Friday at 9p ET to see additional portions of the interview, plus Megyn's emotional sit-down with two of Josh's sisters, Jessa and Jill Duggar.  

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