One Florida dad has a message for parents: Stop shaming your kids on social media.

Wayman Gresham posted a video to Facebook, where he announced that he was going to cut his son’s hair due to bad behavior. But he didn't follow through on the stunt; instead, he gave his son a hug before launching into a speech against public shaming.

“There’s no way in the world I would embarrass my son like that,” he said. “It doesn’t take all of that. Good parenting starts before he even gets to the point of being out of control. Good parenting is getting up in the middle of the night, getting up in the middle of the night and praying for your child. Good parenting is letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are and showing them the way by example. Not one time on this video have you heard me use profanity. Not one time on this video have you heard me put my son down. What’s important is that you learn to know Jesus Christ, and when you learn to know Jesus Christ, he will show you how to handle your kid.”

Gresham was on “Fox and Friends” this morning, where he discussed his viral video message to parents.

Gresham, who faced some backlash for his remarks about Jesus, said that his faith in God drove him to make the video.

Watch the interview above. See Gresham's full Facebook video below.

It's time for me to discipline my kid the tough way! Why? I don't play that!

Posted by Wayman Gresham on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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