Is Team Hillary trying to lower expectations amid some disappointing poll numbers?

In a new CNN/ORC International poll, 57 percent of respondents said Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, up eight points from March. 

"Outnumbered" took on the question today, pointing to a recent comment by Clinton ally Paul Begala in which he said the former First Lady will face a "real challenge" for the Democratic nomination. 

The campaign also sent an email to reporters highlighting the difficulty historically for a candidate to win Democratic primaries by an overwhelming margin.

Andrea Tantaros and Tucker Carlson agreed that if a serious challenger, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, were to enter the race, it could be trouble for Clinton.

Carlson called it "nonsense" to say that Clinton has a serious challenger among the current field.

"If there were an actual alternative to Hillary Clinton, if Elizabeth Warren, for example, got in with a message of economic populism and anti-war - which is what the Democratic base is and not what Hillary has been for the last 15 years - that person would beat Hillary Clinton," said Carlson. 

Andrea echoed the sentiment, adding, "If there was a real challenger, she would be defeated. Because guess what, she already was. We've seen how that movie ends. His name is Barack Obama."

Tantaros said it's smart for Clinton supporters to "manage expectations" of a landslide run to the nomination.

"The bar is so low right now you could trip over it."