The newly appointed vice-chancellor of Oxford University said that the U.S. overreacted to the 9/11 terror attacks.

Louise Richardson added that British citizens are better equipped to deal with terrorism.

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“The British population in the course of the Troubles and violence in Northern Ireland proved really quite resilient, I think far more so than the U.S.,” Richardson said at a British Council conference. “And the scale of the overreaction in the U.S. to the 9/11 atrocity was reflective of the fact that it was such a new experience in the U.S.”

The Telegraph reported:

Prof Richardson, an expert on the growth of terrorist movements, told a conference that the most "combustible combination" for violent extremism was an educated workforce living in an economy that did not allow them to realize their expectations.

She said that although education did not eliminate terrorism, it was "the best antidote" as it did not allow for a black and white view of the world.

Watch the video below to hear Richardson's remarks. 

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