A South Carolina police officer’s heroic rescue of a man from a burning car was caught on camera.

Mount Pleasant Police Department Cpl. Adam Willis ran into the flames of a burning car to rescue its 27-year-old driver, who was unconscious in the driver’s seat.

Willis began to extinguish the car so he could see in the vehicle. Once he saw that the driver was still inside, he said that the only thing he could think was “please be alive, don’t be dead.”

“When you're in those kind of situations, there's really not much time to have emotion or to think about too much,” Willis explained. “Like I said, I went in there with a mindset that I was going to make sure there was no one in the vehicle. Once there was somebody, my mindset then went to: I gotta get him out of the vehicle.”

Willis and the driver escaped the flames unharmed.

Watch the dramatic footage above.

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