"Outnumbered" highlighted two recent examples of the evolving nature of sex education in some schools. 

In Minneapolis, some parents are up in arms after the leader of a small private school brought middle and high school-age kids to an adult novelty store.

The field trip to the Smitten Kitten sex shop by Gaia Democratic School was billed as a way for the students to talk to "sex educators without any shame, without any fear."

One parent, whose 11 and 13-year-old daughters were on the trip, called it a "major breach of trust," and said she was not even notified beforehand.

The school's director, Starri Hedges, told the Star-Tribune that she will not bring students to Smitten Kitten in the future, but added that the students had "so much fun."

Meantime, New York City is getting ready to implement condom demonstrations for high school students. Previously, sex ed classes could instruct teens on using a condom, but not demonstrate the action.

Officials caution that parents can opt out of the lesson if they object to their child participating.

Sandra Smith said that since becoming a parent, she has heard cautionary tales from other parents about what is going on in schools. 

"I have been told since I became a parent, 'you are going to be shocked when your kids become of school-age what's happening in the schools.' This is an example of that. I would lose trust in the system if I found out this was happening to one of my children. Until we have mastered mathematics, history, the arts, why are we spending time and money [on this]?" she asked.

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